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"fence == expectedFence" error after upgrading to RC2

Graphics - General



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

Steps to reproduce :

- import the project attached
- open the "Main" scene
- press play and notice the error in the console "fence == expectedFence"

Regression from 4.3b3.

Comments (4)

  1. D2dcded1b64b005c129c158f7acfa4f4?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 21:41

    Does this mean GPU skinning does not work at all in 4.3? Should this bug be classified as fixed?

  2. 46f5a64586ec29b134fdd98823381fb7?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 18:34

    I'll just add that selecting multiple files with animations caused the Unity Editor to crash for me. :(

    Disabling GPU skinning and/or DirectX 11 while selecting ONE animation asset doesn't show the error, but selecting multiple animation assets still crashes the editor. :(

  3. 830885afdcf52998ed7e15527b77cc54?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 12:51

    I could only reproduce it while using DirectX 11.

    Here are some comments in the forum:

  4. 8e563118146b0aa491606542a8d9d4d8?d=mm


    Nov 20, 2013 19:45

    This issue seems to be related to GPU skinning. If you disable GPU skinning the errors will go away.

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