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[FBX] FBX files are rescaled incorrectly when dragged on to the scene

Asset Import


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new Unity project
2. Import all the models attached to this report
3. Drag the '1meter_Cube.obj' and 'Cube_meter.fbx' in the scene
4. Notice that the FBX cube is 100 times smaller than the OBJ cube (though they seem to be imported correctly with all the same parameters)
5. Drag other FBX cubes in the scene (Cube_auto, Cube_cm, Cube_dm, etc.)
6. Notice they get scaled to be all the same size though the 'File scale' properties seems to be set differently and correctly (cm for 0.01, dm for 0.1, km for 1000, etc.)

Workaround: Change the 'Scale factor' for a wanted cube according to the size it should be

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