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Errors in console in Playmode for Unity Survival Shooter 5

Assets Management


1. Create new project.
2. Import Survival shooter 5 from Asset store.
3. Open _CompletedAssets -> Scenes -> Level 01 5.x scene.
4. Press Play.
Actual result: Observe errors in console.

Failed reading from: '91/916cd3968c6c58a93808436c4a11448e.rpc.sse'.
Failed loading probe set data for hash: 0x916cd3968c6c58a93808436c4a11448e
Error adding system: Data not available.

Expected result: No errors should be in log.

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  1. ArtifexMundi

    Feb 18, 2016 09:07

    Also seems to be present on 5.3.2p2

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