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Fixed in 2022.1.X

Fixed in 2021.1.X, 2021.2.X

Fix In Review for 2020.3.X



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Error CS8035 is thrown on opening a project when using rulesets



Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and open the project ""
2. Notice the Console

Expected result: No error is thrown in the Console
Actual result: Error is thrown in the Console

Reproducible with: 2020.3.5f1, 2020.3.15f1, 2020.1.15f1, 2021.2.0b4, 2022.1.0a5
Not reproducible with: 2018.4.36f1, 2019.4.29f1, 2020.3.4f1

Error thrown is error CS8035: Error reading ruleset file A:\Development\SparkTools\Source\SparkTools\Packages\com.sparkade.sparktools.objectpooling\Runtime\Sparkade.SparkTools.ObjectPooling.ruleset - File not found.

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in 2022.1.0a7

  2. Response avatar

    Resolution Note (fix version 2021.2):

    Fixed in: 2021.2.0b11

  3. Response avatar

    Resolution Note (fix version 2021.1):

    Fixed in 2021.1.22f1

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