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[Enlighten] Server build starts Enlighten worker threads during shutdown

Global Illumination


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new Unity project
2. Open Build Settings
3. Check the 'Server Build' option
4. Build and Run the project
5. Press CTRL + C
6. Notice that for a brief period, multiple Enlighten worker threads are shown in the Command Prompt window


- Command Prompt output looks like this (number of threads depends on the processor):

Setting up int worker threads for Enlighten.
Thread -> id: [HASH] -> priority: 1
Thread -> id: [HASH] -> priority: 1
Thread -> id: [HASH] -> priority: 1
Thread -> id: [HASH] -> priority: 1

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    Resolution Note (2021.2.X):

    The Enlighten worker threads are created once the engine is shutting down. During normal execution they are not running.

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