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Editor performance degradation when working with big Tilemap



How to reproduce:
1. Open the "" project
2. Open the "MainScene" scene
3. Try painting some tiles into the tilemap

Actual result: Unity starts lagging/freezing. (gif attached)
Expected result: Unity shouldn't be lagging.

Note: The Editor works fine when editing tilemap while in Play mode.

Reproducible with:2017.2.0p1, 2017.3.0b9, 2018.1.0a4.

fixed in 2018.3.0a6 - use prefab mode to edit tilemaps.

Comments (13)

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    Sep 07, 2020 13:48


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    Aug 18, 2020 11:29

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    Jul 13, 2020 17:13

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  5. F4463993e17e83e510698426764dc925?d=mm


    Aug 28, 2018 16:15

    Fixed! Hooray!

  6. F4463993e17e83e510698426764dc925?d=mm


    Aug 03, 2018 02:22

    Still have it. My grid isn't even a prefab. Wicked slowdown.

  7. Debb448b94d2ed7bd663c77c028d151b?d=mm


    Jun 14, 2018 15:30

    I have it too. Breaking the prefab instance seems to be the only way to be able to work in large tilemaps (or multiple tilemaps).

  8. 1418e30e705f21ca50cd4d172488ada8?d=mm


    May 12, 2018 21:58

    I'm getting this also and can confirm it is due to using an instance of a tilemap prefab vs unique tilemap created in your hierarchy. You can check yourself by creating a tilemap as a prefab, painting some tiles, pan around while Tile Palette window is still open and see the performance drop as you paint tiles.

    Now just simply break the prefab link to your tilemap and see the editor performance increase.

    I tried this in a scene with 109,003 16x16 tiles and the difference is that using a tilemap as a prefab instance, the editor locks up for minutes at a time until the next time you try to do anything vs normal editor responsiveness.

  9. A1a4d75d2e7f5a03df41a2e03b3cd9d7?d=mm


    May 12, 2018 00:42

    Yep, definitely starts lagging way too fast. It's very annoying.. At least it works in play mode so we can edit in play mode and then copy the tilemap and paste I guess.

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