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Editor concurrency of 10 connections causing too much network congestion on slow upload speeds

Package: Collab Proxy


Based on
1) Limit upload rate to <1Mbps.
2) Open a Collab-enabled project.
3) Try to upload 100MB of assets.

The upload fails with a request timeout. Our 10 connections create too much congestion on the user's network, causing the upload to overwhelm their router and to fail.

The upload should complete by starting with a small number of open simultaneous connections and then ramping up until an optimal number of connections are created. This will both ensure that slower networks will be able to upload without crashing their Internet connection and that faster networks will be able to upload/download as fast as their network can handle.

They can try rebooting their router and/or making sure there are no other devices also using the same gateway during the large upload.

  1. Resolution Note:

    Converting bug to a feature request since it will require a major refactor to properly resolve.

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