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[DX12] crash when TexturesD3D12::RegisterNativeTexture is called with resource that has *_TYPELESS format



### Repro steps ###
1. Use changeset 1e2674f03162
2. Open D3D12Crash project
3. Attach D3D12Crash.cs to camera
4. Enter play mode
5. Press k

Expected behavior: It's not suppose to crash, should at least display a error message.
Actual behavior: Editor crashes.

### Source of the problem ###
It looks like crash only occurs when the resource has format that is *_TYPELESS and not with other formats. We try to create a SRV by using *_TYPELESS format (which obviously fails) and is most likely the cause of this crash.
This issue is similar to already existing case on DX11:

### Scope ###
The bug seems to be only reproducible with DX12 and not with other backends
This behavior can be observed in both standalone and editor.

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