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DownloadHandlerTexture can access a destroyed texture object on destruction



If DownloadHandlerTexture.GetContent is used to query a texture and that texture is explicitly destroyed prior to the destruction of DownloadHandlerTexture, this can lead to an access violation in the destructor.

The destructor tries to dereference m_Texture if it was queried, where it could've been explicitly destroyed as a user-owned texture prior to this destruction.
 if (m_Queried)
A straightforward way to reproduce this is with the process in the attached project where Dispose isn't expicitly called, and handler destruction is left to GC. I've found -debugallocator needs to be used for this to reliably be detected.


*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Either build a player using the attached project, or the prebuilt exe.

2. Run the player exe with *-debugallocator*

3. Press 'D' to trigger the download event

*Actual results:* 

An access violation should occur when running with -debugallocator

*Expected results:* 

No access violation or crash

*Reproducible with versions:* Seen on 2022.3.22f1, looks present on all

*Tested on (OS):* Windows

  1. Resolution Note (2023.2.X):

    Closing as Won't fix due to 2023.2 reaching it's EOL.

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