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DLL targeted for CPU Intel64 is missing when running build target Intel64 + Apple Silicon on Intel64 machine



How to reproduce:
1. Use an Intel-based mac
2. Open the attached project from "Empty"
3. Check that asset "Assets>Oculus>LipSync>Plugins>MacOSX>"OVR Lip Sync"" in Inspector "Intel 64-bit" is selected under "CPU"
4. Build and Run the project for "Intel 64-bit + Apple silicon"

Expected result: Building for "Intel 64-bit + Apple silicon" and "Intel 64-bit" does not produce an error in the build
Actual result: Building for "Intel 64-bit + Apple silicon" produces an error in build ("DLLNotFoundException"), but works with "Intel 64-bit" build

Reproducible with: 2020.3.30f1, 2021.2.13f1, 2022.1.0b9, 2022.2.0a5
Couldn't test with: 2019.4.32f1 (Only Mac OS X x64 Platform Settings selectable in the bundle, meaning no other option to compare to)

  1. Resolution Note (2022.2.X):

    Apps built for "Intel 64-bit + Apple silicon" should run well on both architectures. If a plugin is available for only one of these architectures, then it won't work on both, so it will be excluded.

    If the plugin needs to be included anyway, then it can be marked as compatible with any CPU in the Inspector. Although, that should be a conscious and very deliberate decision.

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