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Different behavior when importing AssetStore package second time to the project



There are at least 4 different behaviors when you try to import AssetStore package second time to your project. Other than they are different, one of them have an issue. I am adding 4 comment to this case with explanation of each behavior

How can we reproduce it
1 Create new 3D Project
2 In browser open AssetStore package you want to download and press "Open in Unity"
3 This should open the package in PackageManager in Editor
4 Download and Import it
5 When it is done - try to import that same package again

Actual Results: behavior is different based on the package you selected

Expected Results: ideally behavior should be always the same - window saying "Nothing to import"

Reproduces and the same with: 2022.1.0b5, 2022.2.0a3

  1. Resolution Note:

    All that is kind of "by design", there will be a huge refactor of .unitypackage feature in the future which will improve the user experience a lot

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