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Default Preview Size for OneColumn should be list

Project Browser/Hierarchy


Entering a keyword in Search Field changes the zoom settings in One Column Project Browser

To reproduce:
- Open the AngryBots demo in the latest 4.0 version
- Make sure that the Two Column View is selected and that the zoom slider is set to its maximum
- Select the "Prefabs/Enemies" folder, so the content is visible in preview pane
- Switch to the One Colum View and observe that all the folders and sub-assets are expanded as intented
- Type a keyword in the search field such as 'enemy'
- Observe that the zoom settings and Project View now has changed to the Two Column View 'look' although user is in One Column View

As a user I found this a bit confusing. The reason that I, as a user, want to change to the One Column View is to see the assets as a directory tree structure - for instance, I do not need to see scripts as a large preview icons. So when making a keyword search in the One Column View, as a user, I would expect to see the results as a detailed list like in the 3.5 Project View.

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