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Dampning does not work for Configurable Joint using AngularXDrive set to Position only drive mode



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  1. jkraptor

    Oct 29, 2015 16:22

    There's more to this story. The PositionDamper parameter affects the Velocity drive. Set to zero, the velocity drive does not work. A value > 0 and the velocity drive works, but the amount of torque applied seems related to the positionDamper value. The positionDamper (spring-damp drive) should have NO effect on velocity drive mode.

    That might explain why it does seem to work with PositionAndVelocity drive. Boy, they really screwed up joints in 5.0 onwards.

  2. timthecoder

    May 21, 2015 01:53

    Dampener parameter has no effect on xDrive in Position mode either.

  3. jeffweber

    Mar 24, 2015 17:51

    Not sure what happened to the description, but just in case it matters:

    Dampening does not work for Configurable Joint using AngularXDrive set to Position only drive mode.

    1. What happened
    Setup a configurable joint to use the AngularXDrive with drive mode set to "Position". Tried to adjust the Spring and Dampener parameters to get non-oscillating smooth motion.

    Noticed that the Dampener parameter had no affect. The Spring parameter affect stiffness as expected, but the Dampener parameter seems to do nothing.

    This was also discussed in the physics forum here:

    2. How we can reproduce it
    Setup a configurable joint to use the AngularXDrive. Set the AngularXDrive mode to position only. Lock all the motions except AngularX. Set the Spring parameter to get a joint that is rotation-ally springy. Try adjusting the damper parameter to reduce oscillations... should see that the dampener has no affect.

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