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Cursor.lockState is ignored after Alt+Tab



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project "CursorSample_Project";
2. Build the project for MacOS or Windows;
3. Open the built project;
4. Alt+Tab (Command + Alt) to another window and then Alt+Tab back to the build.

Expected results: the cursor is still locked in the point it was locked before losing focus on the built project window.
Actual results: the cursor acts just as Cursor.lockState would be set to None.

Reproduced on: 2018.1.0a1, 2018.1.5f1, 2018.2.0b9, 2018.3.0a2.
Not reproduced on: 2017.3.2f1, 2017.4.5f1.

Reproduced both on MacOS and Windows

Workaround: check the "Run in background" option in the Player settings.

Fixed in 2018.3

Comments (2)

  1. Ashwink2

    May 01, 2019 07:43

    Out of many more online games i only prefer to play this tank trouble video game. Millions of the people like to Join because no installation is required. Thanks for the post.

  2. martin-sustek

    Jul 23, 2018 17:50

    Even with the “Run in background” enabled, the behavior is different than before - after switching back, the cursor is on different monitor (multi-monitor setup) and you need to click back into the window.

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