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[Backwards Compatibility] Crash in VerifyAssetsForBuildTarget when opening a 5.5 project in 5.3 with Cache Server enabled

Asset - Database


Steps to reproduce:
1. Download Unity 5.3.5p8 Cache Server
2. Start the server by opening "RunOSX.command" file
3. Open the project attached on Unity 5.5.2p1 ("cache")
4. Go to Preferences->Cache Server and select these settings:
* Cache Server Mode: Remote
* IP Address:
5. Reimport both files in asset folder to make sure cache server updates
6. Close Unity 5.5
7. Open an empty project on Unity 5.3.5p8, enable cache server with the same address.
8. Open the "cache crash" project on Unity 5.3.5p8

Result: Unity crashes in VerifyAssetsForBuildTarget(bool, AssetInterface::CancelBehaviour)

1. Go to cache server's directory
2. Delete contents from cache5.0 folder
3. Go to project's root folder
4. Delete "assetDatabase3" from Library folder

Note: adding full stack trace in the note

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