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[Color] Color fields (except gradients) in the VFX graph are in Gamma color space

Package: Visual Effect Graph


Repro steps:
1. Import the attached package, or in a new VFX graph set a color and a gradient block with the values (1, 0.23, 0).
2. Observe how the color and the gradient are visually different.
3. Comparing in Photoshop, it looks like the color block values are (1, 0.52, 0), which if converted to linear space would match (1, 0.23, 0).
4. Observe the output in the scene view is different for the color and the gradient block, even though they have the same values.

Expected outcome: all colors to be in linear color space

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    Resolution Note (fix version 10.1):

    The idea is that if you see a color in the editor it will be the same in the resulting effect, and to have the numeric values be in linear. So You will see color in gamma ( because the effect will always appear in gamma at the end) , but numeric values are in linear.

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