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[Collab] 'UnityConnectUserInfoRequest: Timed out' error in Console on opening project



Resolved as duplicate of case 900266

1. What happened
'Time out' errors appear in Console if opening a project with 'Collab Toolbar' opened by default (with no changes in the project).

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
- Have a project connected to Collab
- (Don't have any changes available for submitting to Collab)
- Open 'Unity Collab Toolbar'
- Reopen project
---> Errors appears in Console:
"UnityConnectUserInfoRequest: Timed out while fetching user - please check your network connection"
"UnityConnectOrganizationRequest: Timed out while fetching orgs - please check your network connection"

Also 'An error occured' red message appears on top of the toolbar, while it is being initialized.

1. I have a good internet connection.
2. These errors won't appear if the toolbar is not shown/selected when project gets opened.
3. Selecting the toolbar (hiddent by layout) later won't show the error either.

Not reproducible in Version 5.5.2p2 (03f34082a9c0)
Reproducible in Version 5.6.0f3 (497a0f351392)

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