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Cinemachine Camera sometimes changes Lens Parameter from Orthographic Size to Field of View when duplicated

Package: Cinemachine


Reproduction steps (Cinemachine 2.2.0+):
1. Open attached project ("RandomCamera")
2. Create Instance of any single Cinemachine Camera(not a child and not a parent)
3. Make 100+ duplicates of the original Cinemachine Camera
4. Select any duplicate in Hierarchy window and enter and quit Playmode
5. Notice that majority but some Cameras have their setting changed

Reproduced in:
With Cinemachine 2.1.10: 2017.2.3p2, 2017.4.7f1, 2018.1.9f1, 2018.2.0f2, 2018.3.0a4
With Cinemachine 2.2.0 and 2.2.6: 2018.2.0b1, 2018.2.0f2, 2018.3.0a4

- Cinemachine 2.1.10 has repro only when duplicating child cameras
- Cinemachine 2.2.0 and 2.2.6 has repro when duplicating all Child cameras, and when duplicating single cameras by steps written above

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2.7.0):

    Inspector-only bug. Fixed by forcing an update of the lens type when inspector is displayed

Comments (11)

  1. Cddda3957fb3e1e78b49168b603da8c8?d=mm


    May 26, 2021 20:21

    This issue is not resolved. Starting a scene with a disabled orthographic camera will switch that camera to perspective when that camera is subsequently activated (Cinemachine 2.7.3).

  2. 23a393a8a7db666a9737ea256f981596?d=mm


    Jul 05, 2020 14:29

    Hi everyone, I found if you change the projection to Orthographic from
    your original "Main Camera" in Hierarchy, then you can see the "Orthographic Size" appear in Lens of CM vcam1.

    P.S. I'm learning Unity by Ruby's Adventures, too

  3. 73d51d99ffa5d8788abad5efdcf287a4?d=mm


    Jan 29, 2020 01:25

    I am Using Unity 2020.1.0a16.1913 and Cinemachine last version2.5.0 and this issue still continues. But I am not even duplicating cameras. Iam creating new one and trying to used the beahviour camera and its not working, its not even changing to the other camera and all cameras that are not the main virtual camera are with lens and not orthographic size, please do something.

  4. 456d9aa35f693da3b91c3a6ea9842b72?d=mm


    Jan 25, 2020 19:49

    I had the same issue when following the Ruby's Adventure tutorial. Turns out my Main Camera wasn't set to Orthographic projection, despite setting up the project for 2D. Simply changing this to orthographic made the Orthographic Size option return in the vcam. Not sure if this relates to other scenarios however.

  5. D491041a3312f26194a072d4dc6ff896?d=mm


    Jan 12, 2020 15:07

    Same issue, can't use cinemachine beacause of this bug!

  6. 1228e8ebfd7d22cb104fc2d2c5ea1b46?d=mm


    Nov 08, 2019 10:28

    Any fix or updates to this problem. Using Cinemachine 2.3.4 with Unity 2019.2.11.f1. Currently only seeing Field of View instead of Orthographic size when following Ruby's Adventure Tutorial Project.

  7. A700c782479a9d968f0c6eab20e2c0ed?d=mm


    Oct 14, 2019 19:46

    I have this issue as well, but it is not happening when I create a copy, it happens when I create a brand new camera. I have no way to create an orthographic size camera because Unity only recognizes field of view under the Lens settings.

  8. A1f4e1a44f2801b18e71f76a10245466?d=mm


    Aug 13, 2019 04:32

    same here please fix this issue!

  9. 1d079e60e0a6e4a01f9f4990aad92756?d=mm


    Feb 15, 2019 15:35

    Same here...sometimes unity behaves as madharchod!

  10. 6a4206883a752a173ccdc7a246db0fb1?d=mm


    Dec 08, 2018 01:27

    I'm having this issue also and it's preventing me from using Cinemachine because I need to recreate the camera everytime to fix iot (and sometimes that's not enough).

    Would be great having it fixed. Thanks!

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