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Child UI elements in parent Canvas cannot be configured after changing their Anchor preset and previewing it



How to reproduce:
1. Open a new project
2. Go to GameObject --> UI --> Text
3. Set Text Anchor Preset to Stretch Middle
4. Drag the border of Canvas (with the UI Text element selected) to get a preview on how element will be anchored
5. Release the left mouse button (stop dragging Canvas)

Expected result: Canvas border goes back to its position
Actual result: Canvas border disappears and the UI Text element cannot be configured

Reproducible with - 2017.1.0a1, 5.6.0b9, 5.5.2f1
Not reproducible with - 5.4.4p4

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  1. swiftfinder

    Mar 07, 2020 00:44

    Hmm... What about Subway?

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