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Can only select GameObject from its back face

Scene/Game View


Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project "", ignore compilation errors, and open scene "SampleScene"
2. In Scene View, click on the top face of "Repro" (original prefab - Assets/Models/Puente Base) GameObject
3. In Scene View, click on the bottom face of the "Repro" GameObject

Expected result: Both of the faces allow to select the GameObject
Actual result: Only the bottom face allows to select the GameObject

Reproducible with: 2019.4.18f1, 2020.2.3f1, 2021.1.0b4, 2021.2.0a3
Could not test with: 2018.4.31f1 (broken assets)

1. With Physics Debug 'Collision Geometry' and 'Mouse Select' enabled, both of the faces allow for the GameObject to be selected
2. When used in a new project, the "Repro" GameObject no longer reproduces the issue
3. User only started experiencing problem after encountering "Busy For <...>-s" and "On.MouseDown" dialog window
4. On 2019.4.18f1, only the front face can be used to select the GameObject, rather than the back.

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    Resolution Note (2021.1.X):

    The Puente Base model (the mesh referenced by Repro object) does not have a backface. Replacing the shader in Unity with a shader that does backface culling shows this, and I verified using MeshLab that the mesh geometry does not contain double-sided geometry, only the shader setting no culling.

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