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Calling fails to load and prints error LoadMoveData got NULL!



Steps to reproduce:
1: Open attached project
2: In "test" scene enter play mode
3: Wait while movie is downloaded

- Errors in console each time the videoDownload.cs script tries to access
Error: LoadMoveData got NULL!

Reproduced: 5.3.6p3, 5.4.0p2, 5.5.0a6
Not reproducible: 5.2.5f1

Comments (99)

  1. schplurg

    Oct 10, 2016 20:08

    Movie plays for me but no sound. How is this not fixed in an engine as popular as this?

  2. roub

    Oct 08, 2016 18:56

    The same error in 5.4.1f1

  3. rquinones84

    Oct 04, 2016 17:11

    This still occurs in 5.4.0p4

  4. MvanDoorn

    Sep 13, 2016 08:22

    Please give us an update! Waiting for a fix before release

  5. uLan08

    Sep 12, 2016 04:44

    Tested this on various versions( 5.4.0f1, 5.3.6f1, 5.3.5f1) and still gives the error. I really need a fix to this bug.

  6. alan-lawrance

    Sep 10, 2016 10:36

    Still issue on 5.4.0p3

  7. Rajesh-Dhopate

    Sep 02, 2016 05:10

    I am also facing this issue

  8. jameslee0227

    Sep 01, 2016 09:22

    me toooooo!, it's same error .
    MoviePlayback::LoadMovieData got NULL!

  9. Dranix

    Aug 31, 2016 11:22

    Another way to check:
    1. Start a new empty project.
    2. Add a gameobject and add a script component (javascript) to it from
    3. Change the movie url to
    4. Test scene
    This error appears on 5.3.3f1. Before that in 5.3.2f1, only fmod error appears. (issue id: 761548 fixed)
    Hope this helps.

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