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[CacheServer] The server crashes on command 'nc -zv'

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1)Open Unity and start Cache Server
2)Download Cache Server and open the file of it
3)Open terminal and use 'nc -zv'
4)Notice on the Cache Server terminal window(2nd step), that error, already written by the user, was thrown

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  1. 33217121e0d93557972a8b92a111949d?d=mm


    Sep 28, 2015 10:26


    We are running unity cache server 5.2.1f1 on centOS6 with this parameters : --path /var/cache1 --legacypath /var/cache2
    After we added ports 8125 and 8126 to our monitoring system, we noticed that cache server started to fail with error:

    Socket close
    Bad Client protocol version
    After digging it , we found that use perl function “connect” to check if port is open in our monitoring system

    To easy reproduce this issue u can just run : nc -vz 8126
    The version of cache server that use port 8125 looks good – only port 8126 is effected

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