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Button stays in its highlighted state after clicking it on Android device




Priority: 5Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 4Minor or cosmetic issue

Button stays in its highlighted state after clicking it on Android device.

Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project
2. Build on Android device
3. Press on the button
4. Notice that the button stays purple (in its highlighted state)

- On 5.2.3f1 the button doesn't change its color (state) when pressed
- Works as expected when pressing the button second time. Pressing anywhere on the screen and then the button issue is seen again

Comments (9)

  1. E9a3ce6bed26c651ba29bb9e40f87f5f?d=mm


    Jul 26, 2018 00:13

    This is an extremely annoying issue, and the devs are refusing to anything about it, (well, other than giving us bad advice and poor workarounds). This is a problem for a lot of people and needs to be addressed. I do not want to set Navigation to none because it'll break my keyboard inputs.

  2. 3230b009334d121b76a7518ee40d3fe6?d=mm


    Jan 01, 2017 20:08

    I don't know who's the man that set this to Dupplicate when the issue in the other thread is not at all the same, you can see if you read comments that this happens on Desktop as well. I've sent several bug reports and every where I look, all I see is "Hey, set navigation to "none"".

    First of all, that doesn't work with this issue, second of all, setting navigation to none as a bad side effect on keyboards selection, which is standard on Windows softwares in case your damn mouse breaks and you can't exit the game.

    I'm not paying a cent for Unity Pro until the devs know how to make a button, this is insulting.

  3. 2d377780cf242a121c3405efdb555118?d=mm


    Sep 27, 2016 20:39

    I can also verify that this issue isn't limited to Android or mobile, I'm seeing it on windows desktop as well.

  4. 2d377780cf242a121c3405efdb555118?d=mm


    Sep 13, 2016 21:05

    Can verify that setting Navigation to None doesn't fix the issue in 5.3.3, 5.3.4, or 5.3.5

  5. 3fc00ae881d5b1ca4a5007c0b7577f13?d=mm


    Aug 24, 2016 16:37

    5.4f1 => Setting the Navigation to none does not help.

  6. C10c31e0151ac77e8e860d2c74aa60ca?d=mm


    May 14, 2016 23:21

    Have the same problem. Doesn't work on mobile. Something with the mobile "cursor".

  7. B779b93dca1da933886ad5f2d9cbb6d7?d=mm


    May 14, 2016 21:58

    Same Issue, on PC setting navigation to none fixes it. When I build the game and deploy it on my Android device. It acts like I still have navigation on. The buttons still stay high lighted even when I've taken my finger off. The only thing I can think of, is the virtual mouse position gets set to the last location the player touched. It remains there so on mobile it never de-highlights. However if I touch somewhere else on the screen. My button will be deselected.

  8. 527636f0d22c442cf8862e796dfd9d84?d=mm


    Apr 22, 2016 23:31

    I have the same issue. Posted about it here:
    It is really annoying for the users of my game. (All buttons are set to navigation: none)

  9. 7cd6cf9666f1153a9f9b372062eb70c8?d=mm

    Joe Robins

    Feb 24, 2016 13:13

    Have you tried setting the Navigation value in the Button component to none?

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