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Support Blender's mesh mask

Assets Management


Steps to reproduce :

- open the .blend file from the attached project in Blender
- select the Blender-blendshapes-testMesh node in the Outliner and go to the 'Object Data' tab of the Properties window
- scroll down to find the 'Shape Keys' section
- turn on shape previewing by clicking the pushpin button underneath the list.
- select different shape keys in the list, and observe how they look when applied to the face, MouthHeight_L and MouthHeight_R keys produce clear asymmetric changes to the mouth
- open the attached project and add the character to the scene.
- select the 'Blender-blendshapes-testMesh' child of 'character-test.'
- look in the 'BlendShapes' section of the SkinnedMeshRenderer inspector.
- alter the shape weight values and notice that the behaviour does not match that seen in Blender

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