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Fixed in 2021.3.12f1, 2022.1.12f1

Unknown (hidden) 2020.3.X



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[Backport] GraphicsBuffers constructor and other API that returns GraphicsBuffers allocate garbage



1. Download and open repro project
2. In project tab, open the scene from Scenes folder
3. Window > Analysis > Profiler
4. Dock the window in the editor
5. Ensure "record" icon is red in profiler (top left) and mode dropdown shows "playmode"
6. Ensure CPU module is enabled (from modules dropdown in top left of profiler window)
6. Enter playmode
7. click the CPU graph - this will pause playmode and display detailed data
8. in profiler window, in the detailed view (bottom pane), find or use search bar to locate the marker "repro"
9. Check the value in "GCAlloc" column

repro: 2022.2.0a9, 2021.2.0a18
no repro: 2021.2.0a17.2411

observed: the profiler marker shows the API call has allocated garbage
expected: calling the API does not allocate garbage

NOTE: there is non-zero GCAlloc shown in the example in 2021.2.0a17 - but it is lower than the repro version(s).

  1. Resolution Note (2020.3.X):

    Already fixed in 2020.3

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