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[AW] Remove properties breaks recorded scene value



Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new project and add cube with rotation (0, 0, 330)
2. Open animation window, create animation, move to keyframe at 0:30 and set rotation to (0, 0, 350)
3. Inspect first keyframe and notice that everything is good - rotation is same as in step 1
4. Move back to keyframe at 0:30 and remove all rotation keyframes by clicking "Remove Properties"
5. Again, set rotation to (0, 0, 350) and inspect first keyframe
6. Notice that first keyframe has rotation of (0, 0, 350), not (0, 0, 330)

Basically, rotation messes up if rotation is recorded for after rotation property is removed

This is not a regression and is repro in all versions.

workaround: after removing property, numerically input desired value before re-activating recording. Value will then be added a frame zero as expected.

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