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[AW] Entering 1 in Edit Key Time options returns 0

Animation Window


Entering a numerical value of 1 for time in the Edit Key options, it returns a value of 0. Once in this state (and the key moved to time 0), entering values in time change value and vice-versa... bad state.

Create a Cube with a new animation clip
create keys at frame 0 and 60
create a third key at frame 30
open the Curves view
select a key at frame 30
hit Enter to get the Edit Key options...
Enter 1 as the Time value and hit tab... returns 0 and key is moved to time 0 (bug)
Since the Edit menu shows time in seconds, 1 should set the key at frame 60, not 0.

note: If you set the time to 1.5 it works (frame 90)
... then to 1 now works fine (frame 60).

see attached video

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