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[AW] "Animator.Motion T, Q, T.z (Missing!)" on root motion curves



Once root motion curves are applied to a clip, properties are displayed in yellow with "(Missing!)" in the AW. This is not true as the Motion curves are properly applied to the GO in playback, and are correct when selecting the clip and displaying the curves in the AW directly.

This does not affect the functionality (root motion is applied properly) and is not a regression.

-import attached BallAnim.fbx
-drop BallAnim into scene
-drop clip under BallAnim onto GO
-open AW
-select GO
(notice that clip does not have any Animator.Motion curves)
-in the Importer > Animation tab, set <Root Transform> in Motion>Root Motion node pull-down... Apply.
Now look in the AW again...
"Ball:Animator.Motion T (Missing!)"
"Ball:Animator.Motion Q (Missing!)"
... and what's "Ball:Animator.Motion T.z (Missing!)"
Expected result: Motion T & Q, not "Missing" and no T.z

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