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AudioClip reference is reset to None when opening Unity for the first time and there is a method that manipulates SpriteRenderer



To reproduce:
1. Download attached Unity project ""
2. Copy Assets and ProjectSettings folders into a new folder
3. Go Assets --> Resources --> Entities --> Troops --> Entity.prefab and open it with notepad
4. Find "_HomeOnDeathAudio:" and inspect its ID, which is - {fileID: 8300000, guid: 72e71d0f477498648b3cf341c6331082, type: 3} (attached picture "fileID.png")
5. Open Unity for the first time (let it generate Library)
6. Inspect the same Entity.prefab file again

Expected result: "_HomeOnDeathAudio:" should maintain its audioclip on opening Unity
Actual result: Audioclip gets reset, fileID becomes 0 (see attached picture "fileID0.png")

Note: commenting out line 35 of the script ColorSetter.cs using any Script editor before opening Unity for the first time stops the bug from occuring. After generating the library, this line can be uncommented and the bug will still not occur no matter how many times Unity is opened.

Reproduced on: 5.6.3p3, 2017.1.1p1, 2017.2.0b11, 2017.3.0a7

  1. Resolution Note:

    This particular case has been investigated thoroughly and we have decided, in the interests of protecting the stability and features of Unity for users that rely upon the affected versions, to not address this fix for the time being. We understand that this will cause problems for some users, and so may address in a future version.

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