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[AssetImport] Importing FBX causes editor to run out of memory and crash

Asset Import


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new project using Unity 5.1
2. Download attached FBX file and import it
3. Notice error in console that file is corrupt or invalid
4. Create new project using Unity 5.2+
5. Try importing same FBX
6. Notice popup window saying that Unity is out of memory and has to be closed

Not reproducible: 5.1.4f1
Reproduced with: 5.2.4p1, 5.3.2p2, 5.4.0b5

Comments (2)

  1. gwendalbroudin

    Oct 04, 2016 15:39

    Same as @DADUMMY in Unity 5.4.1f1 on windows

  2. DaDummy

    Oct 02, 2016 16:23

    I can still reproduce this issue in Unity 5.4.1f1 on Linux

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