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Assertion failed on expression: 'verts.size() > 0" is shown when NavMeshObstacle has Carve enabled




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

To reproduce:

1. Open the project, attached by the user (NAVMESH
2. Open "test" scene
3. Enter Play mode
4. Observe the Console output

Expected: no assertions are shown when NavMeshObstacle has Carve enabled

Reproduced in 2017.1.0f2, 2017.1.0f3, 2017.1.0p5, 2017.2.0b9, 2017.3.0a6
Did not reproduce in 5.6.3p1, 2017.1.0f1
Could not reproduce in 5.5 due to some errors in the console

Fixed in: 2018.3.0a10, 2018.2.9f1, 2017.4.14f1

Comments (4)

  1. 57f34e7e906849189afa6eee383700a2?d=mm


    Aug 26, 2018 00:01

    It started happening for me as well after upgrade from 2018.2.5. I have absolutely no idea why and definitely this either should be fixed if it is an error in the Engine or the assert removed as it doesn't affect game play whatsoever.

  2. D31750828456fdbfc93aa40e5a2520c4?d=mm


    Mar 10, 2018 19:57

    Additionally, this issue is still present in 2018.1b.

  3. 677a893daeca4a6ad0ee351e1d572371?d=mm


    Jan 20, 2018 07:50

    This is the only place on google that the " Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'verts.size() > 0' " error is mentioned and there is no answer.

    This is really annoying, is there at least a way to disable the errors?

    So far I have to disable all the navmeshes in my level one by one until I find if it is causing an error. Then if I change it around a little, the error goes away.

    I should not be bothered by these errors, they do no affect the game in any way. Please Unity disable these errors from showing up. Forget the cause of them.

  4. D31750828456fdbfc93aa40e5a2520c4?d=mm


    Sep 17, 2017 19:08

    I also began seeing this exception when I applied multiple NavMeshes to a scene (one each for multiple agents).

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