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Fixed in 2021.3.15f1, 2022.1.24f1, 2022.2.1f1, 2023.1.0a19



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"Assertion failed on expression: 'm_BuffersToBind[shaderType][bind].buffer == NULL'" is thrown when entering the play mode



Reproduction steps:

# Open the attached project
# Open the “/Assets/Scenes/SampleScene.unity” Scene
# Enter the Play Mode
# Observe the Console

Expected result: Error “Assertion failed on expression: 'm_BuffersToBind[shaderType][bind].buffer == NULL'“ is thrown
Actual result: The Scene loads without any errors in the console

Reproducible with: 2021.3.10f1, 2021.3.12f1, 2022.1.20f1, 2022.2.0b12, 2023.1.0a15
Not reproducible with: 2020.3.40f1, 2021.3.9f1

Reproducible on: Windows 10 (21H2)

Comments (4)

  1. CloudyVR

    May 05, 2023 17:15

    I upgraded my project to 2022 and now all assetbundles cause major issues. this error is being printed to console continuously. I have hundreds of assetbundles. Do I have to rebuild every assetbundle to use them in Unity 2022? I don't think it's possible.

    When will this be fixed?

  2. DudoTheStampede

    Nov 11, 2022 09:11

    Also found in 2021.3.13 and in 2022.2.0b14.
    We are stucked in a previous Unity version (2021.3.8 is working) and we can't upgrade it even if we want to.

  3. Nicolas_Begin

    Nov 10, 2022 16:27

    Why is the issue under consideration in the 2021.3 LTS release?
    Everything was fine before 2021.3.10, but now none of the client asset bundles are working, we can't tell them to regenerate everything they've done so far...

  4. jdifran

    Oct 27, 2022 01:31

    Also seen in 2021.3.11f1

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