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[ARFoundation] Camera request permission window is not shown when app is minimized and opened again on Android device

Package: ARFoundation


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached Unity project ""
2. In the Editor, open the Android Logcat window
3. Go to Build Settings and Build and run on an Android device
4. Open the application on a device
5. Press the "Request" button in the application to see a dialog asking for camera permission
6. When permission dialog shows up, minimize the application and open it again
7. Press the "Request" button in the application again
8. Observe error appear in the logs

Expected result: Permission dialog is shown to request camera permission, no errors in logs
Actual result: Permission dialog is not shown to request camera permission, the error is thrown in the logs:
"Error Unity InvalidOperationException: Cannot start a new permissions request before the current one finishes.
Error Unity at UnityEngine.XR.ARCore.ARCorePermissionManager.RequestPermission (System.String permissionName, System.Action`2[T1,T2] callback) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0
Error Unity at PermissionChecker.PermissionRequest () [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0"

Reproducible with: 4.2.2, 5.0.0-pre.7 (2021.2.11f1, 2022.1.0b6, 2022.2.0a3)
Could not test with: 2.1.19 (2019.4.35f1 (Build errors)), 4.1.9 (2020.3.27f1 (A camera request permission window does not pop-up when following the steps))

Reproduces with these devices:
VLNQA00121 - Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F), OS: 9.0.0, CPU: Exynos 9 Series 9810, GPU: Mali-G72
VLNQA00219 - Samsung Galaxy Note9 USA (SM-N960U), OS: 8.1.0, CPU: Snapdragon 845 SDM845, GPU: Adreno 630
VLNQA00404 - Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (SM-F711B), OS: 11, CPU: Snapdragon 888, GPU: Adreno 660
VLNQA00410 - Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (SM-F926U), OS: 11, CPU: Snapdragon 888, GPU: Adreno 660
VLNQA00147 - Razer Phone (Cheryl), OS: 8.1.0, CPU: Snapdragon 835 MSM8998, GPU: Adreno 540
VLNQA00006 - Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F), OS: 8.0.0, CPU: Exynos 8 Octa (8890), GPU: Mali-T880
VLNQA00263 - Google Pixel 3 (Pixel 3), OS: 12.0.0, CPU: Snapdragon 845, GPU: Adreno 630
VLNQA00109 - Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (MI NOTE Pro), OS: 7.0.0, CPU: Snapdragon 810 MSM8994, GPU: Adreno 430

Could not be reproducible with these devices:
VLNQA00277 - Asus ROG Phone (ASUS_Z01QD), OS: 9.0.0, CPU: Snapdragon 845 SDM845, GPU: Adreno 630 (The application closes automatically when minimizing it)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 5.0.0-pre.12):

    Fixed in 5.0.0-pre.12

    To address this issue, we have added API that cancels existing requests, so that re-requests can be made which will be shipped with 5.0.0 of ARFoundation.
    If users wanted to handle permission requesting on their own. Canceling permissions could be handled the following way:

    void OnApplicationPause(bool pauseStatus)
    //Logic while paused.

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