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Fixed in 2023.2.0b16, 2023.3.0a12, 2024.1.0a1



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APV data is writing into the LightProbes object



Observed behavior:
The Editor is running out of memory when baking a large APV volume on what seems to be serializing SH probe data into the LightingData.asset.

Expected behavior:
APV data should not be stored into the LightingData.asset. 

Reported here []

{{The problem is in PatchProbes, call stack:}}
{{     Unity.dll!LightProbes::SetBakedCoefficients(const dynamic_array<SphericalHarmonicsL2,0> & coefficients) Line 251    C++}}
{{     Unity.dll!`anonymous namespace'::PatchProbes(const dynamic_array<core::basic_string<char,core::StringStorageDefault<char>>,0> probePaths, const ComputedProbeData & probeData, PPtr<LightProbes> & lightProbes) Line 255    C++}}
{{>    Unity.dll!BakePipeline::Driver::Update(GISceneManager & sceneMgr, const BakePipeline::Driver::BakeAnalytics & analytics, bool shouldBeRunning) Line 752    C++}}
{{     Unity.dll!BakePipeline::RuntimeManager::Update(bool & outBakeCompleted) Line 36    C++}}
{{     Unity.dll!BakedGISceneManager::PostUpdate() Line 108    C++}}
{{     Unity.dll!gi::PostUpdate(const dynamic_array<GISceneManagerClient *,0> & activeClients) Line 48    C++}}
{{     Unity.dll!GISceneManager::Update() Line 526    C++}}
{{     [Inline Frame] Unity.dll!UpdateSceneStatic() Line 78    C++}}
{{     Unity.dll!`GISceneManager::GISceneManager'::`2'::tickGIInEditorRegistrator::Forward() Line 160    C++}}
{{     [Inline Frame] Unity.dll!CallbackInfoBase<void ({_}{{_}}cdecl*)(void),void (\{_}_cdecl*)(void const *)>::Invoke() Line 70    C++}}

Idea on how to fix this: The probePaths fed into PatchProbes should have paths that map to additional probe requests filtered away so we don't push SH data that comes from AdditionalProbes into the LightProbes object. m_Run->m_AdditionalProbeIdsToRequestIndices can be used to filter.

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