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[Animator] OnStateMove is called twice for a state at the end of transition to self




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

To reproduce:
1) Open attached project and scene
2) Open Animator window for following the states
3) Pause and Play the scene, then start stepping over frames
4) At fixedTime 0.7 the transition is interrupted by the transition from state Run to jump_single.
5) At fixedTime 0.88 transition to state jump_single ends and OnStateMove is called for this frame.

Expected: OnStateMove is called once
Actual: It is called twice

Reproduced in 5.6.0a4, 5.6.0b1, 5.6.0f3, 2017.1.0b1
Not reproduced in 5.6.0a1, 5.5.3p1, 5.5.0f3
In 5.6.0a3, all console output disappeared

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