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Fixed in 8.0.0

Fixed in 5.1.1, 7.0.4, 8.0.1



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[2D Animation][IK] IK Targets are off when previewing in the Animation Window

Package: 2D Animation


When playing an animation clip in the Animation Window's preview mode, which is animating transforms, and the hierarchy contains IK Solvers, the result viewed in the scene view does not look the same as if the animation is played in Play Mode. Scrubbing the preview in the Animation Window yields the same result as playing the animation in Play Mode.

The issue can be reproduced with the following 2D Animation packages:
5.0.10 (Unity 2020.3), 7.0.3 (Unity 2021.2) & 8.0.0-pre.4 (Unity 2022.1)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 8.0.0):

    Fix for this issue available on 2d.Animation package 8.0.0 with Unity 2022.2.0a6 and above

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