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Animation Window icons are pixelated on HiDPI screens



Steps to Reproduce:
1. Find a HiDPI Moinitor
2. Open any Unity Project
3. Open Animation Window
4. Select some Game Object, hit "Create Animation" button in the Animation Window
5. Add some properties (e.g. the transform position or scale
6. Add Animation Events
7. Observe:

Expected: all icons shown in this view look smooth on HiDPI monitors
Actual: Pixelated Icons for
- Frame Transport Icons (back and forth arrows)
- Filter By Selection Icon
- Add Key Frame Icon
- Add Event Icon
- Event Icon in Animation Timeline
- Key Frame Icon in Dopesheet view
- The oval or diamond shaped icons on the drop-down buttons to the right of every property in the hierarchy of properties.

Reproduces on: 2020.2.0a17, 2019.4.1f1

The Frame Transport Icons are the same as used in the Profiler Window so that window is affected as well.

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    Aug 03, 2020 08:31

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    Aug 03, 2020 07:57

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