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Animation Rigging with Humanoid rig: MultiAim constraint moving the animator's parent node



Humanoid retargeting introduces offsets when using Animation C# Jobs.

This can be reproduced with a nested humanoid character for which
parent transform has an offset.

1. import a 3D model (i used the "SM_Character_Female_01" from the "starter kit synty studios" ,the first search result on the asset store) on the project.
2. put the model to Humanoid and create the avatar definition
3. create an empty gameobject. let's call it "heroineParent".
4. Reset the transform of that "heroineParent" we just created.
5. on the Z axis, put a positive value, this will make the object go in the Z axis
6. put the 3D model you imported earlier into the scene as a child of the "HeroineParent".
7. create a rig builder on the added model root (it should have the animator component), lets call that gameobject "the heroine" from now on.
8.Uncheck root motion on "the heroine" animator component.
9. create an empty child gameobject of "the heroine" and call it "RigLayer".
10. add a new rig component to that "RigLayer".
11. create an empty children to that "RigLayer"
12. on that children add a component "Multi-Aim Constraint".
13. create an empty children of "the heroine and lets call it "ConstrainedGameobject"
14. back to the gameobject that has our "multi-aim constraint", drag the "ConstrainedGameobject" on the constrained Object Property
15. now add "the heroine" to the source object (or anything else really).
16. reference the "RigLayer" to "the heroine" RigBuilder in the rig layers property
17. press play

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    Jul 02, 2020 04:35

    good post.**

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