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Animation name in Animator are blank if .anim name contains period




Priority: 4Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 4Minor or cosmetic issue

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download test.fbx and import it to Unity
2. Open Animator window and drag all test.fbx animations into it
3. Notice Cube|Action.2.anim and Cube|Action.3.anim don't have names
4. Go to import settings
5. Select Cube|Action.2 clip and delete period from it's name
6. Apply changes and drag renamed animation into animator

Expected results: Animation clips should have names in animator window

Actual results: Animation name in Animator are blank if animation name contains period

Reproduced with: 5.6.0b6, 5.5.1f1, 5.5.1p4

Not reproducible with: 5.4.4p2, 5.3.7p4

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