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Animation clip missing path property feedback not working with Timeline clip



When previewing a clip with missing properties in an “Animator controller”, the Animation Window gives you feedback of which properties are missing (yellow properties).
When previewing a clip with missing properties in a “Timeline track”, the Animation Window DOES NOT give you feedback of which properties are missing… properties are not yellow, when they should be.

- Open project & scene
- Select “ivanALODc” GO in the Hierarchy
- Open Animation Window & activate Preview mode
- Scroll down the properties list… and notice the yellow missing properties (ivanA_head_GEO)
This is the expected result.
- Disable Animation Window Preview mode
- Open Timeline
- Double-click on the clip on the timeline track to enter Animation Window (TL linked mode)
- In the Animation Window, scroll down the properties list…
Bug: notice that the missing properties (ivanA_head_GEO) are NOT yellow.
Expected: missing properties (ivanA_head_GEO) are expected to be yellow. This should be consistent between Animator clip & Timeline clip AW Previews.

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