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[Android] Release build fails with an error "Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect"



Steps to reproduce:

1) Open Unity Hub and create a new project
2) Switch Platform to Android in the Build Settings
3) Go to Player Settings> Publish Settings
4) Click on Keystore Manager button and create a new Keystore
5) Fill all the details in the Keystore Manager window and click on Add Key button
Note: Confirmation window will pop
6) Select Yes button to set them as your Project Keystore and Project Key
7) Go to Build Settings and press Build button
Note: Error will appear in the building process:
Failed to read key keystorebugfortesting from store "C:\Users\Ernestas\Downloads\KeystoreBugForTesting.keystore": Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect

Expected result: Release build should not fail to build
Actual result: Release build fails to build

Reproduced with
2019.1.0a14, 2019.1.0a15, 2019.2.0a1

Not reproduced with:
2018.3.3f1, 2019.1.0a13

Regression since:
Fixed in:

Comments (7)

  1. F35bef3b1c25fe07a4aa02188615fa62?d=mm


    Jul 16, 2019 13:34

    Experiencing this issue in 2019.2.b9 when opening a project done in 2019.2.a14

  2. 0061cc94d3dd349173e6f86c9112b18c?d=mm


    Jun 11, 2019 13:14

    I don't know why exactly, but it is probably connected somehow with insufficient space on disk.
    So I solved this issue by removing files from 'C://' (Had less than 150MB free). that's it.

  3. 430deb22b5523cbe0ec6aa4f7fc35c19?d=mm


    May 08, 2019 00:45

    Still not fixed in 2019.2.0a14

  4. 32eb808310a4859e866a6830ec6697a9?d=mm


    Apr 19, 2019 07:19

    Still not fixed, I can open my keystore fine via Java and or keystore explorer (Seperate application) but I always get an invalid password when selecting the keystore via Unity 2019.1.0f2. Dont really want to upgrade to beta to fix this. Any ideas?

  5. 5c47876f94f10d1acc9929322a180f04?d=mm


    Apr 07, 2019 22:44

    Same error in 2018.2.2f1

  6. 244c8014d52ea476cae552ab0532f847?d=mm


    Apr 04, 2019 18:43

    Yes this is not fixed!

  7. 61a0a7fffb19898ecb87ab947b564df0?d=mm


    Feb 24, 2019 14:07

    This isn't fixed in 2019.2 as stated

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