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[Android] Changing screen orientation stretches view after using SetResolution



Steps to reproduce:

1) Download attached project '' and open in Unity
2) Build and Run 'Main' scene on a device
Observe the screen, after screen orientation will change to landscape/portrait view will be stretched

Expected result: View of the display should not be stretched after using SetResolution (check attached video 'expected.mp4')
Actual result: View of the display is stretched after using SetResolution (check attached video 'actual.mp4')

Reproduced with:
5.4.5p2, 5.5.3p4, 5.6.1p1, 2017.1.0b6

Device under test:
Reproduced with:

Samsung SM G925F (Galaxy S6 Edge)*, OS:7.0, CPU:arm64-v8a, GPU:Mali-T760, Build:samsung/zeroltexx/zerolte:6.0.1/MMB29K/G925FXXU5DQA7:user/release-keys

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3*, OS:5.1.1, CPU:arm64-v8a, GPU:Adreno (TM) 510, Build:Xiaomi/kenzo/kenzo:5.1.1/LMY47V/V7.1.20.0.LHOCNCL:user/release-keys

Google Pixel C*, OS:7.1.1, CPU:arm64-v8a, GPU:NVIDIA Tegra, Build:google/ryu/dragon:6.0.1/MXB48J/2452629:user/release-keys

Not reproduced with:

iPad Pro 9.7" (iOS 10.2.1)
Fixed in: 2017.3.0b6

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  1. 637f649c003331837e3c2428ac40936c?d=mm


    Nov 28, 2017 10:13

    Great to see that all old bugs from <5.6 are being fixed only in 2017 - which requires the purchase of a new license. I suppose that is a valid marketing strategy as well.
    So what about us who use Unity 5.6 and would like to have this bug fixed for us?

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