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Android AdsId is used even when the Ads / Analytics services are disabled



Steps to reproduce:
- Create an empty Android project and make sure the Ads and Analytics are both off
- Compile and run the application on an Android device
- (You may have to change the manifest)

What is expected:
The Ads Id is not used, at all.

What is seen:
The result is that the Ads Id is used without necessarily asking permission to the user

Note on this problem:
- This was reported by one of our user on twitter.
Sophie H@S0phieH
Sophie's Dice has been removed from the play store again, it seems EVERY unity app built rn is in violation of google policy. The only way around it is to make my own privacy policy to say shit like "Unity is requesting personal/private stuff but I'm not gonna use it."
TwitterToday at 9:36 AM
Are we collecting advertising identifier even with ads and analytics disabled?

- The Android Guidelines on that topic can be found here:
- And more information here :

The actual PR fixing the problem in trunk is:
In 2019.3.0a2

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