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Having a "Layout Group" and a "Content Size Fitter" Dirties the Scene on opening it



Reproduction steps:

1. Open "" project
2. Open "Scene1" Scene and see that it's dirty
3. Save the Scene and Re-open it
4. Step 2-3 for "Scene2"

Expected Result: The Scenes shouldn't get dirty just from re/opening the Scene
Actual Result: Opening the Scene marks it as dirty

Reproduced with: 2018.1.0b5, 2018.1.0b1, 2018.1.0a1, 2017.3.1f1, 2017.3.0f1, 2017.3.0b11, 2017.1.3p1, 2017.1.0b3, 2017.1.0b1, 2017.1.0a1, 5.6.5p2, 5.6.0p4, 5.6.0f3, 5.6.0a1, 5.5.6f1, 5.5.3p1, 5.5.0f3
Did not reproduce on: 2018.2.0a2 (24e3a1), 2018.2.0a1, 2018.1.0b9, 2018.1.0b6, 2017.3.1p2, 2017.3.1p1, 2017.3.0b1, 2017.3.0a1, 2017.2.2f1, 2017.2.0f1, 2017.2.0b1, 2017.2.0a1, 5.5.3p2

Opening this project in any other version than the one it was created with prompts "Timestamps (99) and assets (65) maps out of sync - repairing..." warning
in the console. Deleting "Library" folder before opening this project on another version of Unity eliminates the warning messages.

"Content Size Fitter" needs to constrain at least one "Fit"

If the project is opened in a version where the issue is "Fixed", it doesn't reproduce, untill the prefab is deleted from the scene and added again (Gif attached)

Only reproduces if there is a prefab, set as a child of the object that has the "Layout Group" and "Content Size Fitter" components

Comments (2)

  1. 797615dab54d3b045a37406bc6bed5d9?d=mm


    Jan 08, 2018 23:14

    More information: this was fixed in the initial release of 2017.2 but apparently the fix caused other issues and it was reverted in 2017.2p1. It has not been fixed again since then; still exists in 2017.3. There are other copies of this bug in the tracker; one was closed as fixed, one as duplicate of the fixed. I contacted Unity and they did not want to reopen the fixed one as a regression since they still had this copy open, so if anyone does ever look at this bug again, please don't just close it as a duplicate of the fixed one.

  2. E1d5009c5868810cb6f2de0fa9d846cb?d=mm


    Aug 02, 2017 12:07

    Horizontal Layout Group is causing this issue as well.

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