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[2D] The moving platform is not changing position in game mode and makes only character move forward when it stands on it



To reproduce:
1. Open an attached project or open a new project and import 2D Game Kit and turn on the scene "zone 3"
2. Press play in the editor
3. Play the game till you get on moving platform

Actual result: moving platform is not moving, only the character moves on it
Expected result: the moving platform should move

Reproduced with: 2019.2.7f2; 2019.3.0b7; 2020.1.0a9
Not reproduced on: 2019.1.14f1; 2019.2.7f1

Note: Gif attached

  1. Resolution Note:

    XY position constraints have been fixed so that they do not move under any circumstances which includes setting the body velocity, contacts or using MovePosition. In this project, it incorrectly had X constraint checked but used MovePosition to move it along the X-axis which should not have been allowed. Uncheck the X-axis constraint and it will be allowed to move along the X-axis,

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