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[2D Colliders] IgnoreLayerCollisions doesn't work if the object is already colliding




Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

To reproduce:

1. Open the project
2. Play the scene
3. See that the ball is sitting on the platform.
4. Press "T" to toggle IgnoreLayerCollisions between the player's layer and the platform's layer. (The platform also turns gray when the layers should be ignoring each other)
5. Notice that the ball remains on top of the platform, even though collisions should be ignored.
6. Move left/right on the platform, and notice that the ball still does not pass through.
7. Let the ball sit still.
8. Do a small jump with "S" or "DownArrow."
9. Observe that the ball merely bounces and still won't pass through the platform.
10. Works after jumping up

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