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[XR] XR Device Simulator's rotation does not work when Mock HMD is enabled

Package: XR Interaction


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached "" project
2. Load SampleScene and enter Play mode
3. Hold Ctrl on the keyboard and right mouse button and move the mouse around
4. Note that the Camera is rotating according to the mouse movement
5. Exit Play mode and enable MockHMD Plugin provider
6. Enter Play mode and repeat step 3

Expected result: the Camera rotates the same as when the MockHMD is disabled
Actual result: the Camera does not rotate

Reproducible with: 1.0.0-pre.3 (2019.4.23f1, 2020.3.3f1, 2021.1.1f1, 2021.2.0a12)
Could not test with 2018.4 (no XR Interaction package)

  1. Resolution Note:

    At the moment this is by design. We will be working on MockHMD and XRI integration in the future.

Comments (6)

  1. maslychm

    Jun 23, 2022 20:57

    @CAMSLALOM and @JJ09, worked for me too. Thanks!

  2. jjo9

    Mar 03, 2022 19:40

    The "update the Tracked Pose Driver (New Input System) on your main camera to use the centerEyePosition and centerEyeRotation of the XR Simulated HMD specifically instead of the generic XR HMD" portion of the thread that "CAMSLALOM" worked for me to

  3. CamSlalom

    Dec 01, 2021 23:01

    FYI, for anyone who finds this page while trying to get the XR device Simulator to rotate the head camera, I managed to find a fix in a separate thread.

    Find it here:

  4. CamSlalom

    Nov 30, 2021 21:56

    Any word on this issue? I still have yet to figure out any way to rotate the head while using the XR device simulator. I can rotate the each of the hands just fine, but the head still won't rotate despite my best efforts to find workarounds.

  5. franco_du_preez

    Oct 24, 2021 15:53

    Having exactly the same issue, everything except for rotation works in MockHMD, any update?

  6. daxjuda

    May 08, 2021 12:40

    Is there any other alternative?

    How can we use a Mock HMD that cannot rotate?

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