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[WSA] Orientation issues on tablets

Windows Store Apps


In tablet mode, application ignores default orientation settings.

Reproducible on 5.3, 5.4 on Surface 3 and 4.

Repro steps:
1. open project "".
2. in player settings set default orientation to "Landscape-right".
3. build to WSA Universal 10 platform.
4. set tablet in "Tablet mode". Put it in "Portrait" orientation.
5. open generated project. In package.appxmanifest change orientation only to "Portrait flipped".
6. deploy on tablet. Observe how first splash screen is displayed in "Portrait-flipped" orientation (orientation set in app manifest).
Second splash screen displayed in "Portrait" orientation (current tablet orientation).
Third splash screen displayed in "Landscape-right" orientation (editor player settings orientation).

This is the most bizarre combination for orientations. Sometimes application starts a bit shifted, like in this case 804577.

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