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[WindowsMR][TextMeshPro] - Text Mesh pro is failing to build for Windows MR in Visual Studio

After building a WMR project in Unity and opening the VS sln file to deploy the app to the HMD, the app fails to build do to text mesh pro dlls. Also, text mesh pro will only build for UWP on .net 4.0 or higher

Repro's in Trunk and 2018.2.0b3

Dell Visor

OS - 1709 - 16299.371

Text Mesh Pro - 1.21 and 1.22

Repro Steps:
1.) Download repro project
2.) Change platform to UWP
3.) Ensure Windows MR SDK is enabled
4.) Build the sln file to a build folder
5.) Open sln file for the project
6.) Try to build the project

Text Mesh pro is causing UWP builds to fail after building the sln from unity and trying to deploy the app

Remove Text Mesh Pro asset using package manager window (in the Unity Editor toolbar, select Window -> Package Manager). If it is necessary to have Text Mesh Pro in the project, we recommend downloading it from the Unity asset store. Assist store link:

Comments (2)

  1. travelhawk

    Mar 04, 2019 12:14

    I had the same problem and the workaround was working for me!

  2. Alexees

    Sep 03, 2018 08:01

    Quick workaround: in Unity, go into Window -> Package Manager and Remove Text Mesh Pro from the Packages list

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