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[WindowsMR] Remoting from player fails as target actively refuses connection

Package: WindowsMR


1. What happened

connecting from player (2020.1) to device results in target actively refusing the connection and thus crashing the unity app

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

- build app for UWP, with WSA Holographic Remoting Support enabled and "None" sdk at the top
-- as a safety, put "uwp-remoting" scene at the top of the build settings if not already
- deploy locally to the pc, x64 // debug
- when app runs, enter an IP address into the field, and click connect

> KernelBase.dll!RaiseException() Unknown
msvcp140_app.dll!00007ffa547b9097() Unknown
msvcp140_app.dll!00007ffa547b92c1() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f14fae() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f15b43() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f10b02() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f1461c() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f11301() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f10e8c() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f11301() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f10f24() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f146ac() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f111d6() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f0d8e0() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f1389c() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f17f3a() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f14fcd() Unknown
HolographicStreamer.dll!00007ff9e0f134ee() Unknown
msvcp140_app.dll!00007ffa547c9b9b() Unknown
ntdll.dll!TppWorkpExecuteCallback() Unknown
ntdll.dll!TppWorkerThread() Unknown
kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk() Unknown
ntdll.dll!RtlUserThreadStart() Unknown

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